Ballet Miluzka

Miluzka Ballet is a dance school, where Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary merges, as technical foundation applied to all styles and rhythms of dance.

Miluzka receives children, young and adults, working dance as recreation, sport, art or profession and way of life.

School founded by Luz Marina Ruiz and Luis Miguel Tibocha 33 years ago who after six years of members of Ballet Nacional de Colombia directed by Sonia Osorio, they decided to found Miluzka Ballet, that now has two locations, in the cities of Manizales  and Pereira. They are professional dance trainers and pioneers in bringing to Colombia Dance Sport Style.

About Us

Through its doors over 10,000 students has passed , many of them now members of major dance companies in the world, others work as choreographers and teachers and several already have their own schools of dance in different cities of the country.

Miluzka, making dance a committed discipline that supports comprehensive training processes, mind, body, spirit, allowing practitioners to raise the self-esteem, I can, I am capable, without fear. Faculties that are reflected in personal development and life.

Quality Policy

Miluzka is commited in planning, control and continuous improvement of all processes of the quality management system, in order to ensure compliance with the commitments agreed with customers and suppliers, specially in the quality of traning dance programs, national and internationally and execution of events and shows, achieving a high level of satisfaction with the users


It is an organization that performs training programs in dance (jazz, classical ballet, contemporary, ballroom, belly dance, hip - hop, Latin and African rhythms etc.), national and international events and programs, with effectiveness, efficiency and professionalism; meeting the needs of customers with a comprehensive approach in humans, following safe procedures and offering services based on the value of our, both technical and professional human resources, thus complying with the quality standards NTC ISO 9001: 2008.


For 2020 Miluzka will be recognized as the epicenter of artistic formation in the coffee region, realizing events and programs , national and internationally, allowing regional development and meeting customer needs, based on continuous improvement and implementation of processes standardized by the quality management system.

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