Ballet Miluzka



Feel your body flowing ripple, contraction and relaxation. You will have a exploration time where you will meet as a person and as a dancer.


Have fun jumping, spinning and conditioning your body, learn different forms of expression, we will pass from the Broadway style to Lyrical Jazz, exploring every emotion that produces dancing.


We are pioneers in Colombia developing this style of competition, you will learn Latin rhythms like samba, pasodoble, chachacha, with the elegance and poise of the great exponents of this genre. You will feel happy, strong, full of passion and energy with every movement




Find the technique of movement, line, control, elongation and accuracy. It is a style of dance that allows ground ups and children subtlety and elegance combined with speed and agility.

Feel cool and updated, you'll have a class where you can find your own style. We combine the strongest urban movements to the most modern and commercial like Sexy Style and Street Jazz.

Be tempted by one of the most vibrant dance styles. Besides learning to move your hips, you'll work with different elements that will help you feel better and find your emotional balance.

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